Indianapolis Emergency Roof Repair

If you’re experiencing a leak from your roof, call us right away!

Emergency roof repair can save hundreds to thousands of dollars in damage if acted upon quickly. Water entering your home that is left unattended will start causing very serious damage immediately.  Mold can begin to form in as little as 36 hours in damp areas, and water makes structures weaker, which may require further repairs if left unchecked.  Our experts on staff can properly diagnose a problem and fix it quickly, while inspecting the other areas of your home to ensure no additional damage takes place.  

If there is a hole in your roof, problems can also include unwanted entry into your home by pests along with water damage.  It is always the best course of action to call a professional immediately.  Allen Contracting works hand in hand with insurance companies to minimize or eliminate your out-of-pocket expenses, keeping your family’s safety an utmost priority.

What seems to be the problem?

Allen Contracting can help

There are many things that can cause damage to your roof. Storms can cause rain, wind, snow, ice, and even fallen trees. Roofs also wear down with age, so as your house gets older, the more likely you are in need of a replacement.